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Campus-wide Emails

How do I send a campus-wide email?

The procedure for ge​​t​​​ting your campus announcement distributed is as follows:

Your message will need to be sent to each mailing list address that corresponds to your intended audience. Announcements going to the undergraduate students will need to be sent to 4 addresses. Announcements to the entire campus will need to be sent to 6 addresses. Announcements being sent only to faculty and staff will need to be sent to 2 addresses.

The mailing list addresses are:​​​

Note: The pc-faculty/pc-staff classification is a very loose classification; it is not based on any HR information. The pc-faculty list is composed of those employees that work in academic departments (full-time faculty, part-time faculty, administrative assistants, graduate assistants are all included). The pc-staff list is composed of those employees that work in administrative departments (graduates assistants are included).

Please keep in mind that your message will be distributed exactly as it is received by the mailing list. Do not include any type of instructions to the mailing list moderator(s).

Messages will be subject to review by one or more moderators before they are distributed to the list members.

  • ​​Messages to students are distributed as part of the Morning Mail newsletter, which goes out each weekday morning​ and is also available at
  • Messages to faculty and staff are immediately distributed to the list members once approved by a moderator. This system does not allow for scheduling of a message to be sent in the “future”. Messages sent to the mailing lists during working hours could experience near real time distribution. Messages sent to the mailing lists outside of normal working hours should expect delivery delays.

This system does not allow for adjustments on who the message is being sent “From:”. For example, graduate assistants would not be able to ask for a message to be sent “From:” their supervisor.

Text formatting is able to be included in campus announcements, and even pictures and attachments (within reasonable limits).​

Please ensure that your ema​​ils follow ​Copyright Policy​.

Guidelines for faculty, staff, and student email lists

The moderated* faculty, staff, and student lists are meant for internal communications from members of the Providence College community to specific College groups (faculty, staff, and/or students). Appropriate communications provide specific forms of timely, objective, and verifiable information to members of the PC community. Use of these lists is limited to messages that fit into one or more of the following categories:

  1. Announcements, updates, and reminders, including those related to religious celebrations, academic ceremonies, college-wide events, academic events and programs, employment/human resources events and programs, policy and other regulatory matters, and the work of the College’s official committees.
  2. Emergency-related communications, health and safety information and announcements, college closings, and adjustments to normal working hours due to weather and other extraordinary circumstances.
  3. Announcements and reminders related to deadlines that require action (such as those specified in the academic calendar).
  4. Calls for participation in programs, surveys, and research related to academic programs or the College’s strategic goals.
  5. Announcements of sales and raffles offered by bona fide College units and affiliates, e.g. Barnes and Noble Book Sellers.
  6. Newsletters meant for distribution to the College community.
  7. Certain personnel, organizational, and facilities changes and updates.

Event announcement should be submitted at least two days in advance. One reminder message for each event is permissible.

*Certain senior College administrators have access to an un-moderated email list platform, which allows them to communicate directly with students, faculty, and staff.