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Mac Self Service

Self Service is an app installed on all college-owned Apple computers. Self Service allows users to install college licensed software on their own without the need for a technician. It also allows users to perform various fixes on their computer, such as when their Keychain password falls out of sync with their computer password​.​

You can find Self Service in the Applications folder or using the Spotlight search. Log into Self Service using your network username and password.​

Keychain Fix

This fix will automatically reboot your computer upon completion. Please save any open documents and close any applications prior to running this fix. Please note that any saved passwords will be removed upon completion.

  1. Log into the Self Service app using your network username and password.
  2. Find Fix Keychain in the Featured list or in the Fixes list.
  3. Click the Fix button under “Fix Keychain.”
  4. Click the​ Fix button in the new window that comes up.
  5. Your computer will reboot after you click OK on the reboot warning.
  6. Once your computer has rebooted, you can login as usual and your Keychain password will be the same as your current network password.​