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Parallels Desktop for Students

Parallels Desktop allows Mac users to run a Windows-based PC from within macOS using a virtual machine (VM). Please consult this guide for general assistance with setting up Windows 10 in Parallels Desktop.

Download the Software

Both Windows 10 and Parallels Desktop can be downloaded at Windows 10 is free. Parallels Desktop is available at a discount.

When you first access the site, you will need to register for an account using your Providence College email address. From there, you will be able to download the software. Windows 10 is available in the Microsoft section that appears first. Parallels Desktop is available in the Virtualization section. You should download Parallels Desktop 12 for Mac.

The downloading of the software to your computer may take a considerable amount of time depending on the speed of your network connection.

Install Parallels Desktop and Configure Windows 10

Once the software has been downloaded, you will need to install Parallels Desktop. Follow the prompts in the installer. At the end of the installation, the software should launch.

Upon first launch of Parallels Desktop, you will be prompted to setup and configure a new virtual machine. You should choose the option to “Install Windows or another OS from a DVD or image file.” It will point you to image files it finds on your computer. Select the Windows 10 image you just downloaded. Parallels will configure your new VM.

Once the VM is setup, you will need to download Microsoft Office for Windows. You can do this by opening a web browser from within the Windows VM and go to Log into the Office 365 portal, and you should see the link to download Office.