PC Prints

What is PC Prints?

PC Prints is a print release system put in place as part of the College’s green initiatives. It is designed to help reduce the amount of waste caused by the public printers on campus. It requires all users to use their PC ID card or a Visitor Card, which can be purchased at the Library or Accinno Hall, in order to print.

How does it work?

When you print to a public printer, you will see two prompts. The first asks for either the number off the Visitor Card if you are using it or your username if you have an ID card and are printing from a personally-owned computer. The second displays the cost of your job and your PC Prints account balance.

Does this mean students are being charged for printing?

Undergraduate students, because they pay a technology fee, will receive a limited number of free print jobs. Their PC Prints account will allow between 500 and 800 free black and white print jobs per semester. Graduate and SCE students will be required to purchase a Visitor Card and make sure it has a balance in order to print. Faculty and staff will continue to receive unlimited print jobs to the public printers.

What is the PC Prints account?

Undergraduate students will receive $40 each semester in their PC Prints account. This can be used only for printing to the public printers. All balances will be reset to $40 at the start of each semester.

What happens when a student uses up their PC Prints account?

Print jobs will be charged to PC Cash when the PC Prints account is used up. Students will need to be sure they have money in their PC Cash account in order to print. There are cash-to-card machines located in Accinno, Davis, the Library, and Slavin.

How much do print jobs cost?

  • Black & White, Single-sided – $0.08
  • Black & White, Double-sided – $0.05
  • Color, Single-sided – $0.50
  • Color, Double-sided – $0.25

I am a guest on campus. Am I able to print to these printers?

Campus guests and visitors can purchase a Visitor Card that can be used for printing. They must purchase the card for $1 and then add any additional printing funds to the card they may wish to use. Visitor Cards can be purchased at machines located in Accinno Hall and the Library.

Where can I learn more about PC Prints and printing from my own computer?

We have a PC Prints page on the MyPC portal with information pertinent to current faculty, staff, and students.