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Are you new to Providence College?

Am I required to bring my own computer?

While the vast majority of PC students have their own computers, it is not required by the college. If you wish to bring a computer to campus, please see our Computer Recommendations and Requirements. Students in the School of Business should see the PCSB Laptop Recommendations.

What software does the college provide to students?

Please see our Software Availability page for more info.

When will I receive my PC email account information?

This information is usually mailed out by mid-May. See our Email page for more info.

Is there on-campus support for my computer?

Yes! Please see information about our ResNet support program.

Should I bring a printer?

While this is comes down to personal preference, most students do not bring printers to campus. All students get a no-cost allotment of printing through the PC Prints system, which includes the ability to print from one’s own computer or campus computers in our labs and clusters to printers available throughout campus at all times of the day. If you do choose to bring a printer to campus, please note that we do not support wireless printers on our network. See our Printing page for more info.