Troubleshooting Printing Problems

For information on printing in the computer labs or for students using your own computer to print to public printers, see P​C Prints​. ​

My printer isn’t printing. How do I fix it?

Try unplugging it and plugging it back in. Also try rebooting your computer. If it is still not printing, call the Helpdesk at 401-865-4357.

Where can I get a new ink cartridge?

For institutionally-owned printers. Toner for laser printers can be requested through the Helpdesk at 401-865-4357. Ink for inkjet (HP DeskJet or HP OfficeJet) printers should be purchased through WB Mason.

Can I print to the public printers in the computer labs or library from my own computer?

Yes! See the PC Prints​ page for more information.​​