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How do I access my email?

Please see How to Access Your Email Account for more information.

I’m an incoming freshman. When will I receive my email account?

Email account information for incoming freshmen will be mailed to the students in early to mid-May.

I’m an SCE student. When will my email account be created?

Email accounts for SCE students are created upon enrollment. Once created, the email account information is mailed to the student.

I’m a graduate student. When will my email account be created?

Email accounts for graduate students are created upon enrollment. The email account information is then mailed to the student.

How do I change my password?

Once you’re logged into your email account, click on the gear in the upper right corner and type “password” into the search box.  A link to the password change utility will appear, click on it and fill in the respective fields.

If you still cannot access your email, you should contact the Helpdesk at 401-865-​​4357.

I’m a graduating senior. Will I lose my email account?

Your email address will remain active for one year following graduation. Please see Information for Departing Students for more information.

Are there any storage limits on my email account?

All students have 50 GB of storage in their Providence College email accounts. This includes all email folders, including Sent Items and Deleted Items. We recommend you regularly empty your Sent Items and your Deleted Items. We also recommend that you do not use your email account as file storage. If you send yourself attachments, be sure to delete those emails. You should use the OneDrive for file storage.

Is there a limit to the size of the email I can send or receive through my PC email account?

There is a size limit of 35 MB for emails sent or received through your PC email account. This includes the body of the email as well as any attachments.

How much storage do I have on my OneDrive?

You have 1 TB of storage in your OneDrive.

Where can I learn more about my Providence College email account?

We have an Email Account Information page on the MyPC portal with information pertinent to all current faculty, staff, and students.