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PC Prints is a print release system put in place as part of the College’s green initiatives. It is designed to help reduce the amount of waste caused by the public printers on campus. It allows students to print to public printers via computers in labs and clusters on campus, students’ personally owned computers, and mobile devices.

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How PC Prints Works
Printing Costs
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Printer Features and Locations
Guest Printing
Common Issues

How does it work?

Using PC Prints from a Windows or Mac Computer

When you print to a public printer, you will see two prompts. The first asks for either the number on the Visitor Card if you are using it or your Net ID if you have an ID card and are printing from a personally-owned computer. The second displays the cost of your job and your PC Prints account balance.

Once you have printed your document(s), you can then release them at any of the PC Prints printers that are the same type as the one you printed to. You are not restricted to printers only in your current location.

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Using PC Prints from a Chromebook or a Mobile Device

Printing from a Chromebook requires the use of Print Center. See below for more information.

Print Center is a feature of PC Prints that allows users to upload and manage their print jobs via the web. It allows users to print documents and images from Chromebooks and smartphones or tablets running Android or iOS (iPhones and iPads).

More information on Print Center

How soon do I need to release my print job?

Unprinted jobs are automatically deleted from the queue after 24 hours.

Printing Costs

Are students charged for printing?

Undergraduate students receive $40 per semester in their PC Prints account. This will allow between 500 and 800 free black and white print jobs per semester.

Graduate and SCE students are required to purchase a Visitor Card and make sure it has a balance in order to print.

Faculty and staff receive unlimited print jobs to the public printers.

What is the PC Prints account?

The PC Prints account is the primary printing account for undergraduate students. Undergrads receive $40 each semester in their PC Prints account. This can be used only for printing to the public printers. All balances are reset to $40 at the start of each semester.

How much do print jobs cost?

  • Black & White, Single-sided – $0.08
  • Black & White, Double-sided – $0.05
  • Color, Single-sided – $0.50
  • Color, Double-sided – $0.25

All costs are per document page (one side of a sheet of paper).

What happens when a student uses up their PC Prints account?

Print jobs will be charged to PC Cash when the PC Prints account is used up. Students will need to be sure they have money in their PC Cash account in order to print. There are cash-to-card machines located in the Library, the Ryan Center, and Slavin Center.

Where can I add PC Cash to my card?

  • Phillips Memorial Library, first floor near the restrooms
  • Ryan Center
  • Slavin Center, lower level outside McPhail’s

PC Cash can also be added in Student Accounts in Harkins 400 or online at the PC Card website.

Printer Driver Downloads

Use the links below to download the correct drivers for your computer. Downloads available on-campus only.


Windows 64-bit (most common)

Windows 32-bit

Do I need Windows 64-bit or 32-bit?

Printer Features and Locations

All printers can print in color and double-sided. All general use computers on campus (in computers labs, library computer clusters, and classrooms) default to printing double-sided. If you install the drivers on your own computer, it will NOT default to double-sided. You must change this setting manually on your computer.

Drivers default to printing in color. If you wish to print black & white only, you may need to change this setting manually.

Guest Printing

Campus guests and visitors can purchase a Visitor Card that can be used for printing. They must purchase the card for $1 and then add any additional printing funds to the card they may wish to use.

Visitor cards can be purchased at the cash-to-card machine in the Library on the first floor near the restrooms.

Common Issues

My card is not working. What can I do?

If you received a new ID card recently, it can take up to two hours for it to work with PC Prints.

Our staff is able to release your print job(s) for you. You can see someone in the Helpdesk in room LL25 of the Phillips Memorial Library or at the library circulation desk.

The printer malfunctioned while printing my job. Can it be reprinted?

Yes! We can reprint your job to a functioning printer at no additional cost to you. You can see someone in the Helpdesk in room LL25 of the Phillips Memorial Library or at the library circulation desk.

If you have already reprinted your own print job, we can provide you with a refund. Please send an email to helpdesk@providence.edu with the date and time of the failed print job, along with the approximate cost.