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Information for Students

Should I bring a printer to campus?

While this comes down to personal preference, most students do not bring printers to campus. All students get a no-cost allotment of printing through the PC Prints system, which includes the ability to print from one’s own computer or campus computers in our labs and clusters to printers available throughout campus at all times of the day. If you do choose to bring a printer to campus, please note that we do not support wireless printers on our network. See our Printing page for more info.

How do I print to PC Prints?

See information at our PC Prints page.

How do I print to my wireless printer?

The Helpdesk does not support personally owned wireless printers. All printers have the ability to print using a USB cable, often purchased separately.

Can I print wirelessly to PC Prints?

Yes! You can print to PC Prints while connected to the PC-Secure wireless network or using the wired network on campus.

Information for Faculty & Staff

How do I connect to a network printer?


  1. Enter the following in the search box and press enter:
    1. For HP printers: \\printq1
    2. For most Xerox printers: \\printq2
  2. A list of printers will open up. Double-click on the printer you wish to add.


Please contact the Helpdesk at 401-865-4357.