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Information for Departing Students

If you are graduating, your various accounts will remain active for a full year following your graduation. They will then be terminated.

​If you are withdrawing from Providence College, all of your accounts will remain active only until the IT Department has been notified of your departure.

See below for information regarding transferring your Providence College accounts to personal accounts.​

Microsoft 365 Accounts (email, OneDrive, etc.)

Your Microsoft 365 accounts includes your Friars email address, your OneDrive account, use of​​​ the Office 365 desktop applications, and access to the MyPC Portal.


It is recommended that you establish an email account with another provider (Gmail,, Yahoo, etc.). Once you have another personal email account, you can enable automatic replies on your Providence College account that will automatically alert anyone attempting to contact you at your account about your new contact information.


If you have files stored in your Providence College OneDrive, you will want to establish an account with another cloud storage provider (personal OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.). Once you have done this, you can download any files from your Providence College OneDrive to your computer and upload them to your new cloud storage provider.​

Office 365 Desktop Applications

When your account is terminated, the installation of Microsoft Office 365 on your computer will lose functionality. While the software will not be uninstalled and you can still open documents, you will no longer be able to edit existing documents or create new documents. If you wish to continue using Microsoft Office 365 on your computer, you can purchase a subscription from Microsoft at​

Network ​Account and Network Storage

​You should back​up any information you may have saved to your network drive (or G: drive). You can access your drive from the computers in our computer labs or the library. You can then save your files to a USB flash drive, an external hard drive, or an online storage solution (such as Google Drive, OneDrive, or Dropbox). We strongly recommend against emailing files to yourself as a means of backup.

Because your network account is also used to access Sakai, you will lose access to that when your account is deactivated.


If you purchased Windows, you can continue to use those pieces of software indefinitely.​ If you downloaded Microsoft ​Office 365 through, your software will work only until your account has been disabled.