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Cable TV Info and Troubleshooting

The cable TV system on campus is provided by Cox Communications.

Channel Lineup

Click here to download a printable PDF of the channel lineup.

Common Problems and Solutions

For any problems with or questions about your cable TV connection, you can contact the Helpdesk at 401-865-4357. Please also see the list of common issues and their solutions below.

I only see a handful of channels.

Change the input setting on your TV to Cable from Antenna. Then use the auto-program feature to scan for the active channels.

My remote is not working with my TV.

Make sure the remote is the correct remote for the TV. If it is, try new batteries. When all else fails, purchase a universal remote.

The picture quality on my TV is poor.

If you see a “snowy” picture on your TV, it could be due to splitting the signal from your wall jack to multiple TVs. The wall jacks in the dorm rooms are only meant to handle a single TV set. If you live in the apartment-style dorms, there is only a single jack in the living room. This jack is also only meant to handle a single TV.

If you have only one TV plugged into the wall jack, you should check with your neighbors. If there are multiple rooms around you with the same issue, there could be a system-wide problem. In that case, you should contact the Helpdesk at 401-865-4357.

The wall jack is physically damaged.

Call the Helpdesk at 401-865-4357 and we will enter a trouble ticket to have someone repair it.